A day in Business Process Automation team


Once you become a part of the BPA team 😎, your day will start with daily team sync, where Pablo will share his feedback, and Martin will probably say with his steady voice: “Hvala ti. To mi jako puno znači.” (Thank you. It means the world to me.) 💚


Sana will continue by talking about the heartbreaking love story she is having with P12 - the process that gives her butterflies or some other weird stomach feeling. 🙄


During the day, you will give your best to automate processes by mainly using Microsoft Power Automate and sometimes the UiPath automation platform. 💻 Client’s calls will split that task, so that’s when you will be able to show your newly-gathered Slovenian knowledge.


Don’t worry, you already know the majority of the necessary words*. 💪 And Pablo will take care of the rest. 


While your robots are running, you will have just enough time to take a sip (or two) of your ☕, Cedevita, tea, or Jamnica from our office stash with your colleagues. Then, when you are all hydrated and energetic, some zigzagging from bug fixing to automating your process will faithfully be waiting for you.


One thing you can be sure of - you will be able to end your day calmly, knowing that your process will be there for you tomorrow, the day after, and the day after until you push it to production. 💞


On Thursdays, you will probably want to join the rest of the team at Čelin 🍋 - an after-work pelin where you will get to know better colleagues from other teams who like to work from home. 


*Check them out in another Ding post ➡

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