Flexibility to the selection process? You got it.


One of the benefits of startups and small companies is noticing the right person and being able to tailor the job position to them. It is a chance to hire a person who fits the company culture perfectly and shows remarkable ambitions. Giving free hands to them suits their versatility and ability to adapt to many things.

"A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one."

For example, Luka is one of those people. He recently applied for the business analyst position and got the job as a solution consultant. Why, what happened? The solution consultant role suited him perfectly. He is a man with a few years of sales working experience in multinational companies, a math student who is pursuing a Data Science degree, and a person with a beautiful desire to find his niche in the tech world. The man is perfect for getting to know our technologies, talking with clients, and connecting solutions to business needs.

Luka, how did you find yourself here in the first place? And since you didn't apply for your current job position, how do you feel about your role?

I saw was searching for a business analyst. That being a standard entry-level position to a fast-growing industry and company, I decided to give it a go. Hoping I will learn new things and find my exact place and position in the process. To my surprise, I was offered a job that allowed me precisely what I hoped for – an interdepartmental position, meaning I have direct exposure to all of the technologies processes used.

Tell us more about the selection process. How would you describe it to future candidates?

The selection process consisted of a few steps, a few casual meetings to be exact. First, I had an interview with the team lead...

The rest of Luka's answer, as well as his answers to a few more questions, are up on our blog. 😄

Find them here ->

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