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Our DEV team gathers four brilliant darkish-haired men. Each of them has a different skill set, but none knows how to describe himself precisely.


Mateo is a person that does more and talks less. 😶 He specializes in chatbots and being on time for his workouts – a pretty good work-life balance, in our opinion. When Mateo is at work, he will help you in any way he can; when he clocks out, not even CEO can reach him.


Tomo still submits papers at Uni and rocks when it comes to table tennis. Working part-time due to university responsibilities doesn’t stop him from being a voice bot master. Despite innovative ideas at work, formal education still comes first, and somehow often on – Friday. 🎊


"Voice bots are the future of customer service and thanks to Tomo we've stepped into the voice bot game ourselves. Great job, man." - Mateo from the previous paragraph


Petar studies at the same faculty as Tomo but with different aspirations. He is a part-time student and a full-time frontend. More importantly, he is bribable. Bring a beer, and you have his attention. (But 🤫, you didn't hear that from us.)


"The fact that I have someone by my side who can bring my ideas to life coding-wise really makes my day. Thank you, Petar, for being our frontend expert." - Tina, our marketing person


Branimir is a new guy. He started coding when he was 14 and likes to focus on C# and .net technologies. Due to his strong will to further expand his programming skills, he studies software engineering in his free time. 


Leon is a person with two faces. 🎭 The sunshine one when having lunch, and the ice-cold one when going back to work. This not-so-darkish-haired man is a self-taught developer thinking of python as his undercovered mission. Leon is a man of multiple missions - once, when racing with his colleagues, he wanted to reach the 14th floor first. He succeeded.


Working next to these guys you will expand your programming skills without a doubt. 😎

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