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Martin is a person who always has positive feedback for you. 👍 His learning skills are pretty impressive, thanks to his patient approach and a strong will to expand his knowledge. 😎

Sana appreciates two things – specific humor (like Martin’s) and frequent feedback. Sana often experiences challenges with her processes, but she always finds a way to show them who the software robots’ tamer is.
Ivan is a cool guy. 😎 His interest in automation started when scraping a popular auction website. Naturally, the whole process took way longer than simply searching for the item but this small step guided him one step closer to joining our team.

Arči is an ex-marketing person and a rising RPA star. He is also allergic to cats, but that doesn’t stop his wife from having two of them at their home. Lovely cats, itchy-skin Arči.

And then, there is Josip. We have “outsourced” him to one of our clients, and we get to hang out only at teambuilding when he brings a rugby ball that nobody knows how to throw. Fun times indeed. He is a positive attitude human, a child in a man’s body, always ready to drink a cup of coffee with you.

Due to the amount of time Pablo spends on calls, it seems like RPA clients like his voice. No wonder, if he wasn’t the RPA team lead, he would probably become a radio host. Besides his good voice, the team appreciates his organizational skills, good humor, and thoughtfulness.
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