What is Business Process Automation team about?


Is the BPA team more about robots or people? 👀

Both. But more about people. 😉


Are you someone who sees the beauty in freeing up people from repetitive tasks by automating them? If yes, you will fit in! 


After you scrolled down our website, you might have realized we care about integrity and open communication. That's why, before you join our team, we would like to give you a chance to find out what are the team and job all about. 🤗


Our BPA team is a lot about robots. "Robi", "Robotek", "dela", "ne dela", "obdelano". ✔ The fact that software robots we develop save people from endless clicking, copy-pasting and executing tedious tasks, motivates us to be better at what we do.


Almost half of our RPA clients are Slovenians, meaning "številka", "hitro", and "lahko" will be your first Bonsai words. 😊


And what about the people?

Well, we dedicated a separate Ding post to those heroes. 💚


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