5 top things to take into account when going into a programming career


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💡 Continue to learn

When you stop learning, that’s when you stop progressing. The IT industry is moving so fast and new technologies emerge almost daily. That’s the main reason why you have to keep up. If you focus only on the old, you’ll never move forward. So, get in there, discover new technologies, and try out new things. Don’t limit yourself to only what feels comfortable to you.

💡 Always look beyond your field or specialization

No matter the field you specialize in, try to see and understand the other side, as well. If you’re a frontend developer, put some effort into understanding the backend. You might want to know what happens behind the application or software. You need to understand how some things happen. It will help you in your coding because then you know the whole story and why was something done.

💡 Cooperate and ask questions

Teamwork is important. So is mentorship. If you find a great team lead or senior developer, ask him questions. Try to get insights into his knowledge and some tips & tricks. He or she has been doing this longer than you and they will definitely have some great advice for you.

💡 Work on your soft skills

You can be an amazing developer, but if you don’t have soft skills, what’s the point? Working in cohesion with your team is what makes the product or software great. Work relationships are integral for your skills development as a programmer and as a coworker.

💡 Get involved in the community

There are a lot of free meetups and lectures where you can learn from more experienced developers or people in any other field. Get involved on LinkedIn and follow up with what’s new in the industry. Trust us, that’s great for learning but for networking as well.

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