Caught in the eye of the storm - A Job Fair adventure


Deegloo d.o.o.

Did you guys catch us at the Job Fair? If you didn’t, what a shame. We missed you.

Last year we were subjected to immense heat and this year we had to swim through the persistent rain just to get to our booth. The weather gods weren’t on our side yet again.

But you know what? It was absolutely worth it.

What do we love about Job Fair? The answer is obvious. We love interacting with you guys. We love hearing which technologies you prefer, where you want to specialize, and whether you are more into mobile development, web, or data. Because we cover all of this, hopefully, you got to ask us anything and everything. And boy, were we glad to hear that you actually follow us on social media.

This year we also came with students that work in Deegloo and Digital Poirots. Who can give it to you straight better than them!? Their experience, what they do in our teams, and how they feel working with us, are the best ways to convey just how things roll in our company. And we hope that that meant a lot to you. That hearing their first-hand experience is just what you were expecting to hear.

But, did you prepare yourself for the abundance of companies waiting for you? It can get a bit overwhelming and tasking to filter all of us. So that’s why, we got some advice on what to ask and do when approaching company representatives.

Can we outline some of the tips & tricks to conquer Job Fair as a student? Yes, we absolutely can. 

Research who’s there - Take a list of all companies and filter them by their work, technologies, expertise, and size. If you are into data, you seek out those kind of companies. If you’re into mobile development, you’ll search for that. Also, look at the size of the company. Who knows, you might prefer smaller teams and companies to bigger ones. Chose where you’ll most likely feel comfortable.

Prepare yourself - Yes, we are all trying to “sell” ourselves to you. But, also, you need to sell your skills to us. Think about what you like, what are your strongest skills, in which technologies are you excelling, and where you actually see yourself working.

Ask important questions - Try to ask specific questions. Even in interviews, ask questions about projects, work, team atmosphere, what mentorship can you expect, and what do we expect from you. Those are all great questions that we appreciate being asked.

First impressions and soft skills do matter - We like to see how you interact with us and others. You can have great knowledge and skills, but we also seek people who will fit perfectly into our team. It’s important to show who you are as a person and that you can work in teams, are willing to learn, and are ambitious to develop your skills even further.

Don’t be scared to reach out afterwards - You know what we all love? When you reach out to companies that you liked. We try to follow up with everyone who reaches out to us and remember their name. Being proactive and showing a genuine interest shows us that you seek out more. Even if you’re reaching out to ask follow-up questions or want to know more about us or seek advice, just do it. We are all open to answering everything you need.

After being at Job Fair a couple of times, we can honestly say that we had fun every time. Meeting with young ambitious students is a joy. If we haven’t met this year, don’t worry. You can always reach out to us, through our websites or social media.

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