Let’s talk Frontend!


Deegloo d.o.o.

Perhaps you’ve seen our Backend video and met Ivan in our previous posts. Well, prepare yourselves to dive deep into Frontend Development. Meet Mateo and Luka, our frontend developers and top-notch teammates.

One of them works on our mobile application and one on a web application project.

They touched on the subject of their projects and what it’s like to work in Deegloo. Watch through the whole video and get a sense of how things play out in our company. Don’t skip the end, trust us! 😉

And if you need quick info on what they like about their jobs, read the spotlights below:

🧑🏻‍💻 Mateo

“I love my job because it gives me the power to create something interactive and functional from small components. There are multiple ways to come up with solutions which gives me the opportunity to be creative and makes the job even more fun. I love being challenged on a daily basis because this pushes me to be better.”

🧑🏻‍💻 Luka

“I love programming and frontend development because I have the chance to really use my brain.
The reason why I love it is that I often encounter a problem I’ve never faced before and sometimes I have to channel my inner Sherlock to solve the task. As it is, I learn more and more every day, and it’s amazing to see and experience my own progress.
Also, I appreciate the support I get from the people I work with, so I can always get help when needed. A good atmosphere also isn’t lacking, so how can I not come to work with a smile on my face!? “

If you are inclined more toward Frontend Development, maybe this will inspire you and bring you closer to what they do. 😎

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