Thumbs up and thumbs down - what does our team think of their work


Deegloo d.o.o.

We all know that working in IT is fun. But let’s get real, sometimes your office work brings out the best and the worst. Nobody is a fan of everything. Things get tough and not everything is hype. But, also, the good outweighs the bad, the boring, or the hard.

So, we decided to ask our team what they like and dislike in their work and we wanted them to get real with us, so jump right into our quick chit-chat.

Iva, QA Engineer

👍 I feel that I am getting a true view of a product and also that my tasks are constantly changing.
👎 Documentation!

Ivan, Backend Developer

👍The best part for me is joining the meetings where we discuss the high-level solutions for some problems and I can listen to what older and more experienced colleagues think and then have the freedom to implement the desired solution how I think is the best. If my implementation has any flaws it will come out in the review of the merge request and I will learn something new which is of the greatest value to me.
👎Sometimes we don’t have the freedom so to say, to get things done in the easiest and most logical way because we’re doing software based on an existing one so we sometimes become limited by its model.

Lovro, Android Developer

👍Every day is a new challenge and it never gets boring. Also, the best part is my colleagues — they are awesome!
👎When I don’t have any comments written on the design of the app and need to dig for information that I need to display on the screen. (no offense to designers 😄)

Renato, Co-founder & Data Team Lead

👍The fact that every day brings some new challenges.
👎The fact that every day brings some new challenges. 😅

Luka, Frontend Developer

👍 The best part of Fronted Development is that you can see your code go live on the server and that somebody actually uses that software.
👎 I don’t like when I have a lot of dependencies in the project or when I work on legacy code so I lose a lot of time starting the application so you can see it locally.

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