A Day at iOLAP Academy



The 3rd edition of the iOLAP Academy is starting soon and it will last seven full weeks!

With a planned curriculum designed to unleash your potential, you're probably curious how a typical day at the Academy looks like and the tasks that await you🤔

But don't just take our word for it!

Hear it straight from previous Academy participants as they share their firsthand experiences of a day at the Academy.

"I attended iOLAP Academy remotely. At the start of each day, I would wake up and start my day by tuning in to the morning meeting with a cup of coffee. It was a great way to gather updates and set the tone for the day ahead. Once the assignments were delegated, I would dive into my tasks and work steadily throughout the day. As the day progressed, I would diligently complete my assignments, seeking assistance and guidance whenever needed. The Academy fostered an environment where collaboration thrived, and support was readily available from other participants and mentors 😊
At the end of the day, we would sync up as a team and connect with our mentor to ensure everyone had completed their assignments and addressed any questions or concerns."
  • Maksim Kos

"At the Academy, the experience varied depending on the week we're in 😄
Things were more relaxed during Python or SQL weeks, and assignments were straightforward. However, the Academy took on a new level when the AWS lectures started. It was a bit of an intense week, but despite the challenges, it was an excellent experience overall. We grew immensely and gained valuable insights into cloud computing."
  • Danijel Leoni

"On a typical day at the Academy, the atmosphere was always filled with fun and relaxation. Of course, there were moments when nerves crept in, especially when encountering challenging assignments that seemed unsolvable at first glance 😅 But that's all part of the journey!"
  • Domagoj Bijelac

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If you want to learn more about iOLAP Academy, look at the FAQ article, and don't miss out on this chance to unlock your potential.

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